Sunglassess, my considerations…

sun_with_sunglasses_54999I think about getting older, mind and I put on wrinkle cream all over my face.  I try to wear sunblock as much as possible.  I try to wear my sunglasses as much as possible too.  I figure it is important to block UV from my eyes.  What a great excuse to get a new pair of sunnies right?

Getting a proper pair of sunglasses doesn’t need to cost a lot; it is important to get a pair that offers UV protection as not all glasses are alike.

Some things to think about when shopping for sunglasses:

  • Not all sunglasses can be used for Rx. Ask your optician.  Typically, sildenafil the more curvature in the lens, or single lens versions don’t support Rx.
  • Not all sunglasses offer UV protection. Don’t assume.  Sunglasses should labeled or ask your local optician.
  • The larger the lens and coverage of the surrounding eye area the better. Remember to keep the surrounding area protected.
  • How dark do you want the lens? Darkness doesn’t represent the amount of UV protection you get, it is a matter of preference.
  • Polarized sunglasses will block the sun’s glare and allow for more visibility, and help to reduce squinting and eye fatigue.
  • Sunglasses with UV shade both the eye and the skin area surrounding the eye which can help reduce wrinkles and eye/skin cancer.
  • What activities will you wear the sunglasses? If you are performing sporting activities, or leisure activities, the frame and lens size, material, style will affect how you feel during those activities.  Make sure they are right for your activity.
  • Children and adults both should consider sunglasses for eye protection. You are never too young or too old to start wearing them.
  • Some contact lens offer UV protection, and it is still recommended to wear sunglasses along with your contacts.
  • And it is important that you feel that you look good while you are wearing them. You will not wear your new sunnies if you hate the way you look in them.

I didn’t focus on cost of the sunglasses but a good pair of sunnies with UV protection do not need to be expensive.  But this is up to you if you prefer a brand or style over another.

When you get your sunnies, just remember:

  • Not to leave them in a hot car. The glasses can become warped, damaged under extreme heat.
  • To keep them in their protective case or pouch to help prevent lens scratches or damage when you are not wearing them.
  • Not to wear them on your head. This causes the arms of the frames to bend causing the hinges to become loose.
  • Wear them all year long. Sunglasses help protect you from UV and sun damage all year round.

Happy sunglass hunting!

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